“My son was excited to participate in the programme as he was able to learn futsal skill and take part in a real futsal tournament.” – Ng Soh Tay, Parent (Futsal Programme)

“This is a great programme! My son became more active in sports and physically fit. He was also very excited about the programme-ending tournament.” – Nordin, Parent (Futsal Programme)

“The futsal coaches are friendly and patient in teaching. My son truly enjoyed the entire programme.” – Sureshkumar, Parent (Futsal Programme)

“My child was able to learn a new sport and widen his circle of friends at the same time.” - Low Boon Pin, Parent (Futsal Programme)

“My child loved the experience he had in the WCT KIDSS Basketball Programme! The programme was indeed well managed by a very compact team.” – Khoo Gaik Ling, Parent (Basketball Programme)

“WCT KIDSS is a good initiative that has helped to develop my children’s fundamental skills in basketball as well as character building. We hope to see more programmes like these for our children.” – Choo Chien Keong, Parent (Basketball Programme)

“My son was able to learn valuable basketball techniques from the experienced coaches in the programme.” – Simon Yap Chun Huat, Parent (Basketball Programme)

“The WCT KIDSS Programme not only gave my son the opportunity to be physically fit but it also taught him to be a team player.” – Pung Yun Ping, Parent (Basketball Programme)

“My son became more confident in his basketball skills after joining the WCT KIDSS Basketball Programme.” – Lee U Men, Parent (Basketball Programme)

“My child was provided with a series of great intensive training sessions. I am also glad that he managed to make new friends through this programme.” – Kala Ambigai, Parent (Futsal Programme)

“WCT KIDSS is a good platform to develop young sport talents!” – Mohd Fazie Aashim, Parent (Futsal Programme)

“WCT KIDSS is a wonderful CSR program which benefits children not only in training them in sports but also in their sense of responsibility and teamwork. I am very happy to say that my son has gained a lot from this programme and has thoroughly enjoyed it. Your choice to train young children is an excellent one as that's when character is built and leaders made. Kudos to WCT KIDSS!” – Cindy Choo, Parent (Football Programme).

“Very impressive effort by WCT!” – Teh Chee Hoe, Parent (Basketball Programme).

“My son enjoyed the basketball training lessons very much; especially the special basketball clinic by NBA certified coach, Mr. Jim Corrona. He has also managed to make some new friends throughout the programme. Thank you WCT KIDSS!” – Ng Yuet Sim, Parent (Basketball Programme).

“WCT KIDSS is not just about learning a new skill but it provides opportunities for children to interact and play as a team.” – Quah Su Boon, Parent (Basketball Programme).

“This programme is remarkable. My son loved the basketball sessions very much. Sincere thanks to all the coaches for being responsible, patient and enthusiastic throughout the programme. Many thanks to WCT for sponsoring this programme!" – Shirley, Parent (Basketball Programme).

“We are grateful that my child was given the opportunity to pick up a new sport.” – Chiang Ai Peng, Parent (Basketball Programme).

“My daughter loved the training sessions and looked forward to the weekly practices.” – Siew Yok Ling, Parent (Basketball Programme).

“Since joining the WCT KIDSS Basketball programme, I see an improvement in his confidence and social skills.” – Tang Choon Hai, Parent (Basketball Programme).

“This programme has made my son a more independent and disciplined person. We are also thankful that he was able to make more friends after joining this programme.” – Yoke Kuan, Parent (Football Programme).

“WCT KIDSS has provided my child a great platform for positive character building.” – Syed Akmal, Parent (Football Programme).

“My son had a lot of fun during the training sessions and it provided him with an opportunity to socialise and widen his circle of friends.” – Manimaran, Parent (Football Programme).

“Participating in WCT KIDSS training sessions was a productive way for my son to spend his mornings. Thanks to WCT, the children were able to make friends outside of school while improving their football skills. ” – Chelsea Teh, Parent (Football Programme).

“WCT KIDSS is a wonderful programme as it has helped improved my son’s social skills enormously” – Wan Azman Ismail, Parent (Football Programme).

“This is a fun programme. My son was able to learn valuable lessons and new skill.” – Edna Gan, Parent (Football Programme).

“The WCT KIDSS Football School is a great grassroots programme. My son was able to learn a lot of new drills through this programme.” – Kaillash, Parent (Football Programme).